Hayes Chapel Baptist Church - 1/8/2012

We cut it close but we did make it to Hayes Chapel on time this past Sunday.  I had spoken to Pastor Eddie Clardy a few times on the phone concerning some Camp business but had never actually met him before. It was raining when we arrived but folks were very helpful with opening doors and pointing us in the right direction. 

Before Sunday School began there was an assembly time where everyone gathered, prayer concerns were shared and prayed over, and a gentleman did a short devotion.  I remember the days when this was a normal part of church but rarely see it anymore.  It seemed that because of the holiday schedule this was the first time they had met, other than worship, in several weeks.  The children and youth left after the assembly time, but the adults remained where they were for Sunday School.  We were given the lesson for the week, which was from Psalm 18 and entitled, His Way Is Perfect.  The three mainpoints discussed were Our God Delivers, Our God Delights, and Our God Directs.  He was a very sincere man and you could tell the lesson came from his heart. When SS was over the men remained to pray while the ladies made their way to the sanctuary.  After about ten minutes we rejoined them. 

Lots of friendly folks came up and shook our hands most of whom had the last name of Clardy or White.  We sang several traditional hymns, most of which I knew, while Brother Eddie played the bass guitar. The congregation sounded pretty good.  There was no watered down message here as the Pastor preached like those I can remember from my younger days. He was very passionate and to the point, yet he also used a few personal illustrations as well.  We pass by this church all the time in our travels yet had never noticed it sitting back off the road, before.  I look forward to another visit in the future. 

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