Cornerstone Baptist Church, 10/23/2011

I called the church on Friday and left a message for Brother Ed Johnson that Denise and I would be visiting Cornerstone on Sunday morning.  We arrived shortly before 9:00 am and the first folks we encountered were very helpful in directing us to Sunday School.  They not only asked what kind of class we were looking for, but someone personally escorted us to our respective classes.

When a church has a class taught by the Pastor, I generally avoid it so as to get a broader picture of the church.  Typically, for one of the same reasons, my wife and I prefer to go to different classes as well. On this morning I was in Mark Bell's class were I was greeted by everyone in the class.  Mark did a fine job with the lesson coming from the Romans 4.  The men in the class were very friendly with one another and seemed to know each other very well, they also made me feel comfortable as well.  One of them told me that they had been a church for 8 years, 3 in the building where they currently meet.  Denise had initially headed to the ladies' class, but because both teachers were unexepectantly out, her class joined another class.  Brother Ed led that class and was teaching out of the book of Ruth.  It was good, solid teaching and everyone seemed to enjoy both the teaching and participating. 
Brother Ed brought a very penetrating message about proper worship from Hebrews and Genesis, no sugar coating here.  They had a pretty good crowd and folks seemed to be unified in the direction there.   In fact, I was told that plans are being drawn up to increase their educational space, which is always a good sign to me! 

Lighthouse Baptist Church - 10/16/2011

Between being on shift and Denise's surgery and the long road of recovery, we've been laying low of late.  This past Sunday, though, we headed to Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Toney for service and Sunday school.  I've known Brother Randy Watts for close to fifteen years and count him as one of my closest and dearest friends.  One of the few men I'd feel comfortable calling in the middle of the night, if there was a need.  Bro. Randy has a true servant's heart and his love for the Lord is obvious.

Lighthouse was the church where Denise and I served in our early married years.  The church was newly started -- about a year old -- and Bro. Randy was the pastor who, along with several men of faith, birthed this church into being.
Today, more than sixteen years later, Lighthouse has a thriving church body and programs that truly minister to the life and need of the community.  In addition, Brother Randy and Lighthouse have played a tremendous role in bringing the new HEALS clinic to Madison Cross Roads Elementary.  This clinic sees to both the medical and dental needs of children in the community who otherwise might not receive care.

Sunday, Denise and I arrived for the 10:00 worship service.  The praise team was warmed up and ready and led us through several of our favorite hymns.  Brother Randy preached out of the last chapter of 1 Timothy, on the sovereignty of God.  He also gave Denise a little good-spirited  ribbing about her "Roll Tide" cast, but I think she gave as good as she got!

From worship, Denise headed on into the Ladies I Sunday school class.  There was also two couples classes -- one for the younger couples and one for the older couples.  Lighthouse also has a Sunday School session that begins at 9:00 for adults post-55.  As always, we enjoyed our morning and the fellowship at LBC.