The Fellowship of Faith Church - 1/15/2012

I really did not know what to expect when we pulled up to Fellowship of Faith this morning around 8:00.  Brother Ron Lynch had suggested several weeks ago that we check them out, so I went online to look at their website earlier in the week.  The church has recently moved into their current building off North Parkway, close to Lowe's, and is running two worship services and Bible studies.  We pulled up to what looked like the building entrance and parked. 

I got out and asked a nice lady if this was the closest entrance to where the "Faith Institute"" classes were being held.  She told me that Faith Institute was their equivalent to Sunday School and we were already parked in a close spot. 
I don't remember the last time I was in a church made up of all most exclusively of our black brothers and sisters but it was a treat.  We were greeted by everyone in our path and then escorted to our respective classes.  Denise was in an all ladies class taught by Juarine Stewart.  They were studying out of the book Brave:  Honest Questions Women Ask by Angela Thomas.  Denise said she felt very welcomed and that the class's discussion leader was very personable, thorough and grounded in Scripture.  Denise also said it was one of the best ladies' classes she'd attended.

I was in a men's class taught by Marc Seldon.  Every single person in my class spoke to me individually and shook my hand. I believe there were twelve in the class.  Brother Marc did a great job and was teaching out of a book called "Point Man" which focused on how a man should lead his family.  Several of the men there read Scripture and shared some comments as well. 

When classes were over it was only a short walk to the sanctuary which I thought looked very nice.   The music was good and there was a baby dedication as well.  When the pastor called all the family up for the dedication about twenty-five percent of the whole church came up. 
Pastor Troy did an excellent job preaching on the heart and that not having our hearts right with the Lord is the root of so many problems.  We read much Scripture together and Pastor Troy was definitely filled with passion and energy.  He invited congregational participation and he sure got it!  At some point during the sermon he mentioned the membership being around 1,200. 

We went to the the early service and it was pretty much packed out.  As we were driving away Denise said would look forward to a return visit here some day.

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