Farley Community Church - 8/21/2011

What a great time we had at Farley Community Church this past Sunday.  The last time I had visited with Brother Dave the church parking lot had not been paved.  A few years ago we spent an afternoon together because I was anxious to hear the story of how the church got started.  What a great story it is with God
getting all the glory! 
The more I get to know Pastor Dave the more I like him.  I remember back several years ago seeing him for the first time -- singing with his brother at Shocco Springs for a Sunday School conference.  They were very good.  When we arrived, we were greeted by several friendly folks and Brother Dave led us to a Sunday School Class right after he got out of morning worship.  It was a great class and the teacher, Alan Nelson, did a marvelous job with the Word and life application.

We did not arrive in time for the traditional service so we stayed for the contemporary one which also was great and packed out!  It would seem that Brother Dave has a great team of leaders here at Farley as God continues to do a wonderful work.  We look forward to coming back here in the future.

Brownsboro Baptist Church - 7/31/2011

Sunday morning Denise and I had the privilege of visiting Brownsboro Baptist Church, located off Highway 72 in Brownsboro -- right next to Madison County High School.  I'd heard great things about Brother Joseph Cooper's preaching and have served with him on the Association's leadership team for the last couple of years.  And while I would not say we were real close friends (yet), I would certainly consider him a friend.  He has a great sense of humor, is very passionate about discipleship and fun to be around. 

Our visit to Brownsboro Baptist was the first time I had ever heard him preach and this soft spoken man was bold in the pulpit!  He brought a great message and pulled no punches.  It is very good to my heart to see that in the next generation of Preachers coming up there are some who can really bring it. 
Not sure what I was expecting from Worship but both Denise and I were very pleased.  I noticed a guy playing the mandelin and a young man on the elecric drums.  The choir loft was full and the singers did a great job on the special of Amazing Grace.
The church had good mixture of folks age-wise.  Sunday School was good with all the men making me feel very welcomed.  I noticed right before the Worship service started that the sanctionary was 80% full.....hmmm, maybe good things are going on out at Brownsboro Baptist Church!  :)