Mt. Zion Baptist Church - 12/4/2011

Yesterday we spun the wheel and it landed on Mt Zion as our next church to visit.  I know Michael Davis, the Minister of Education there and a big shout out to him as he will be graduating from New Orleans Baptist Seminary in two weeks !  I have also been to several of the weekly pastor meetings and an E-Board meeting or two at the MBA where pastor Ron Madison was present.  I had looked forward to hearing him preach as he seems to be a man of purpose. 

We arrived right at the time the first Sunday School was letting out.  A very nice lady greeted us as soon as we entered the building and took us to the welcome center.  There we were greeted again by several folks, filled out a visitor card and then escorted to a Sunday School class close to our age range.  The welcome center person introduced us to the teacher, Dwayne Jones, and then everyone in the class proceeded to introduce themselves.  A lot of organization here--nothing less than what I expected from a top notch Minister of Education like Michael.  After sharing prayer concerns and opening in prayer the teacher led a discussion out of Genesis.  He did a very good job, was very transparent and practical in his teaching.  It was also clear he had prepared well for the lesson.  Most everyone in the class participated at some point. 

The worship center was very beautiful and during the greet time Michael Davis made his way over to greet us.  Both the choir and the praise ensemble did a great job as well.  One thing I liked very much was how much space there was in the aisle.  Pastor Ron did a very good job bringing the message out of Hebrews concerning hope.  The points he made concerning the hope for our economy and our individual lives were spot on the way I see it.  I have heard many good things about Mt Zion and it appears they have good leadership there.     

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