Morningside Baptist Church - 11/20/2011

I guess the second time is the charm.  Last Sunday (11/13) we were on our way to Morningside, as a matter of fact were less than a mile away, when Denise began to feel really sick.  It was so bad that we turned around before getting to the church and headed right back home.  This Sunday we had no such episode and actually arrived ten minutes early.  Many times we take a few pictures of the church and specifically the church sign before we go in lest we forget on our way out. 
 After doing this I noticed what looked like someone I know from the Fire Department going in with his son.  As we approached the door we were happily greeted by several folks.  Once inside I inquired about Sunday School and a nice young man took us to our class...the one his dad was teaching.  I generally like to go to separate classes when we visit a church for several reasons but this day we would be in a couples' class together.  Mark Cowan was the teacher and he did a fine job with the lesson coming out of  the book of Hebrews, chapter 3.  Small world; Mark, who works for Sexton Welding Supplies, is the driver that delivered the welding supplies to where my wife used to work, so they knew each other.  There were some prayer concerns mentioned and then Mark prayed for every couple in the class. 

After class we made our way to the sanctuary and on the way I saw Erick (the guy from the fire department) in the hallway and spoke with him for a minute.  As we gathered to worship we saw and spoke with Darin and Christian Lightfoot who had recently been out to Camp Macoba with a group of youth from the church.  If you have never heard Darin and Christian sing it is quite a treat and I presently have their CD in my CD-player right now and have for the last month!  I guessed seating for about 200 here and noticed how really clean the place was.  Many of the churches we go into their size have from 50 - 75% elderly membership but this was not the case here.  It appeared to be around 40%.  There was also a first here for me....the pastor was actually part of the praise/team/band.  He sang and played the guitar.  The worship music was good led by Darin and Christian.  I meant to say something to the guy on the drums who did a great job as well. 
Brother Marty brought a message out of Daniel and really challenged the congregation.  This appeared to be one in a series of messages entitled, Courage Under Fire.  He spoke a lot about priorities and courage.  He held my attention the whole time, though it was a familiar message, by the way he communicated the scripture to the congregation.  This was the first time we had ever set foot into Morningside and I was looking forward to our visit as Brother Ron Lynch had told me good things about Brother Marty and the church.  I look forward to another visit in the future.

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